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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Final HOH Competition (spoilers)

Firstly, please forgive my absence from the blog in the past few days.
I will get everyone up-to-date here.

You already knew that Keesha exited the house on Thursday's live show. What astounds me however, is how she left the house still under the impression that Dan is a good guy who had nothing to do with her eviction. How she couldn't see that Dan and Memphis are a solid alliance is just beyond me. She deserves to be voted out because of it!

FINAL THREE: Dan, Memphis, and Jerry
One would have to hope for a miracle of some kind to have Jerry remain and be in the final two. It's not going to happen. In PART 1 of the 3-part final HOH, Dan outlasted to win, leaving Memphis and Jerry to compete in PART 2, which Memphis won.

That leaves Dan and Memphis in PART 3 of the Final HOH competition. Don't look for very much actual competing though. It looks as though Dan has already offered to win the final HOH so that he is the one to evict Jerry, thereby giving a jury vote to Memphis.

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Anonymous said...

Brian is finally avenged!

Anonymous said...


I was supportive of you until I read this comment from you that you made during your interview with Entertainment Weekly. Now I’m so DISAPPOINTED!

Dan replied: Without a doubt, I’ve already spoken to the powers at be back at St. Mary’s and arranged a three-hour confession. Part of being Catholic is that you’re not supposed to lie and manipulate, but that’s what you have to do to win. The St. Mary community was behind me 100 percent. I didn’t want to be seen fighting or dropping f-bombs. I didn’t want the kids (back at school) losing their temper, and they never saw me do that. I played Big Brother the best that I could. I stayed within the confines of the rules, though there are no rules in Big Brother.

Do you realize how this sounds? According to your statement…you felt the only way you could win Big Brother and the money required you to lie, manipulate people and drop the F-bomb.

This maybe shocking to you DAN…but not every person who has been on Big Brother went on the show WITH A PLAN to lie, manipulate and cuss. Feeling like this was the only way you could win the money, why would you choose this path? Believe it or not, you could have won WITHOUT lying, manipulating and cussing!

This is a terrible reflection to your students. You’ve taught them that they can plan to sin to get what they want because they can ask forgiveness.

I think God would rather we sin without planned intention and then ask forgiveness instead of choosing to sin knowing that you can ask forgiveness?

So you could have chosen the Christian way to play this game and if you fell to sin along the way, you could have ask forgiveness but INSTEAD your plan included choosing a path of lying, manipulation and cussing to win the money, asking God for forgiveness and making it up to him later! Oh Ye, DAN, of little faith!

So…would it have been WORTH the lying, manipulation and cussing if you would not have won?